Thursday, November 17, 2011

12 Weeks

Here I am at 10 weeks.

And then at 12.

I noticed in week 11 that I was puffing up a bit in my stomach (although my sister reassured me I just look like I ate a lot) - I am on track with my weight gain and at the doctors they show that i have not gained anything but at home Ive had a 3 pound fluctuation (they say 1.5-5 pounds is what to gain through week 13). I can tell that everything is moving up and out a bit and still not visible to outsiders, but definitely to me (mostly the pudge that is now rearing its head a little more!). I woke up this morning with a visibly larger and firmer stomach, so maybe by my 14 week photo there will be more of a bump going on. Ive bought my first pair of maternity jeans and also have pulled out the bella band as of late.

I will say that Ive been a whole lot of sleepy! For a little while I was almost fast asleep by 8:00 each night and had a bloated stomach like nothing you've seen - especially at the end of the day. I ate pb&js and canned soup - poor Adam hasn't really had a planned meal in a while. My morning sickness subsided about two weeks ago but came back to visit me the past few days, and since I have a cold now the mixture of that and the m/s is just awful.
Right now I am really into:
Fruit - grapefruit, pineapple and oranges
Sandwiches - Subway sounds so good and that is just strange!
Peppermint! Candy Cane Jo Jos and peppermint bark are my sweet of choice (I put all of the halloween candy away!)
I once couldnt stand the thought of Chinese but have had PF Changs on the brain
Chickfila but there really isn't one close enough to us

I have this thing where after I eat something I am craving, it becomes an aversion. So while I had a publix sub the other night, now the thought of lunchmeat is a bit repulsive to me now. I also had a dream last night where there was a shop that sold icre cream sandwiches that used donuts as the cookie - now that sounds like a good idea to me!!

I am taking my photos in the baby's room, which right now it bright blue. I want to paint and have been scouring the internet and pinterest for inspiration. Im thinking light grey/white or beige/white with a pop of color - yellow, orange, etc. I just dont want anything that screams baby.

When I was feeling really sick I missed a lot of workouts, but have been walking between 2.5 and 4 miles, 3-4 times a week and I will probably start incorporating a little more weights in as well as I get into my 2nd trimester.

In the beginning I had this nagging feeling that it's a boy, but my past couple of dreams have all had a girl in them. While you certainly can't tell by dreams or a feeling, I am completely clueless now! Happy weekend to all, hope that you are busy getting ready for the holiday that is FAST approaching :)

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