Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I must admit that I have been less than inspired lately which is why I haven't blogged. It took me over a week to even save my photos to a computer! It was kind of crazy settling back in after our vacation, but now that Im back on my noraml work schedule this week things seem calm again. But that wont be for long - we have a long list of visitors through the end of the year with only 3 weekends to ourselves until January. Kind of crazy but we are excited to see our family and friends!

We've been pretty busy this month - heres a recap!

As you know, I headed to Orlando to see my family - we had so much fun even though I was just there for a few days. I was in heaven with Chickfila, since there are none really close to me in Nashville, and got to celebrate my sisters birthday. I also got to spend lots of time with little Annie! She doesn't understand the whole webcam thing, and I can yell out her name a million times and she won't know whats going on, so it was nice to actually get some reaction from her :)

 Then I headed to meet Adam in Connecticut! He and Audrey puicked me up from the airport and the fun began (did you know BWW now has soft pretzels? really yummy and a nice way to start my trip!)

We went to soccer practice, picked apples, watched movies, and we even got to go to her kindergarten class for an hour to see all of the kids. It was a lot of fun and reminded me of the good ole days where coloring was 'work.' We hope that she will make it down to Nashville soon!

We finally got to picking some pumpkins this past weekend too! Theres a patch here where you actually pick them off of the vine which I think is a really fun concept. All of the orange ones were gone, but we got a good bunch that should turn and stay through Thanksgiving as well.

Speaking of, I am excited to have Adams family over for the Holiday! I am already planning out which foods to make ahead and how my day of will run. I am defintley ready for the holiday season, and the cold weather headed our way will be most helpful in keeping me in the spirit until it finally arrives. Im also thinking that the 30 degree weather will justify me breaking out my winter hat this weekend for a night on the town?! We shall see, really I just hope I can stop myself from eating all of the 10 bags of candy that I bought for trick or treaters :)

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