Monday, October 10, 2011

That one day before vacation

It always gets you, doesnt it? You have a list of last minute items to pack and the excitement is building, yet you still have to sit through that full work day where you really arent focusing much on the task at hand. Luckily for me I hate leaving work to come back to, so I always leave with a clean slate, but the day just drags on for what seems life an eternity.

Tomorrow I head off to Orlando and then jet to Connecticut on Friday. I am so excited to have some time off and to see family and friends! I will admit that Im not looking forward to 90 degree weather, but  the 60-some degrees up north will be welcomed.

I am ready to eat some Chickfila (for some odd reason there is not one in downtown nashville, only further out in the burbs) and go shopping at the outlets. Plus get in some soccer and bowling wiht Miss Audrey.

Now that I have a new phone with a nice camera (Galaxy S II - anyone else have it and love it?) I will be sure to have plenty to post upon my return.

Anyway - this past weekend was fun! We went to Oktoberfest here in Nashville which was actually huge and had alot of crafts, food, beer, etc. The only problem was it was packed, 85 degrees and in streets lined with buildings. This led to a hot time which I did not enjoy. We grabbed a pretzel and then headed off to a bbq place for lunch. Hopefully next year it will be a bit cooler and we can go and enjoy ourselves.

I also have to note that I love how target steadily gets in all of the Missoni items. I guess people who tried to ebay everything for an insane price tag is realizing that theyre better off returning it to the store for what they paid. Every time I go there are new pillows, duvets, mugs, vases, etc. I scored a really cute travel tote - you see, right now I use a duffleish bag for my 'personal item' but this will help me look and feel much more put together. I will pack it up tonight and off I go early tomorrow morning!

Everyone have a happy week! :)

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