Monday, October 31, 2011

Pinterest - My Christmas Obsession Grows

Happy Monday and Happy Halloween!! I seriosuly am in shock that tomorrow is November. This has been one crazy year for me and really an exciting one. I prepped for Halloween at the end of September and can officially say that I am over it. I am SO ready for Christmas/Thanksgiving and to get my decorations out. Now that we have a new house together I am filled with decorating ideas.

Another help with holiday decorating, craft and treats is Pinterest. While many people have been on it for a while now, I just joined last week and am completely addicted. It is bad. The amount of pretty things on there is astounding and takes me to a fantasy land where it is all mine. Are you a selective pinner or do you just go crazy and pin everything in site? Really I am also excited for December ot have my family in Nashville and then be going to see them in Orlando. There is something about being away from hom that makes me miss all of the little things, like certain shopping centers or malls and even though I never went before really I would love to see Disney with all of their Christmas decor up!

To fuel the holiday craziness burning in my soul it was COLD this weekend! We went out honkey tonking when Adams freind was in town and it was about 38 degrees. I was happy to be able to wear some winter clothing! Exhibit A:

My GAP hat, which I would never pull off at this time of year in Florida, and Missoni for Target Scarf. I also had to wear my pea coat and boots. Im telling you, my blood is still thin people!

Well, hopefully we have tons of trick or treaters to gobble all of our candy, because I have been gorging on it the past few weeks! It has really become a problem. Im excited to see all of the kiddies in costume tonight - everyone have a safe and spooky day!

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