Friday, September 2, 2011

What Ive Been Eating

Ever since the wedding I have been kind of out of it. I didnt join a gym because we didnt know how long we would be in Gainesville, and I hate running outside so even though I did it, I dont think I go the best workouts out of it. When we moved to Gainesville we ate out pretty much the whole first few days. I had gained 4 pounds since the wedding but didnt really stress about it too much. Now that we are in a stable environment again, I have been tracking my calories and hitting the treadmill again and have lost most of those 4 pounds pretty easily. Just eating right has helped me out, and with Adam out of town the past few days it was even easier to eat a quick and small dinner. Heres a glimpse at what Ive been consuming:

Publix has a 10 for 10 sale on Chobani so I picked up a bunch. I've also been eating cereal - portioned out- and cinnamon raisin english muffins. Plus a coffee each morning.
 My sisters got Adam and I these large cups from Dave and Busters. Then Kelly introduced me to the Crystal Light Peach Mango Tea. I mix half a packet of powder with a full cup of water and shake. I drink 4 of these at work and then a couple more at home.

I also drink iced coffee and green tea to fill up on liquids.
 To be patriotic and all on labor day I got blueberries and raspberries and whipped cream. It makes the perfect sweet dessert/snack without chocolate and tons of sugar (I buy Cool Whip Free). I had a gingerbread iced coffee with it because I am so ready for some cool weather!
 This is hard to decipher, but its 2 ounces of chicken, with lemon pepper and ground mustard, grilled and then half a baked potato topped with 1 cup of broccoli, cauliflower and carrots with cheese (frozen).  I am trying to eat on small plates again and this was a pretty balanced dinner that lasted me 2 nights.

For lunch I have been eating a lot of flatbread wraps with the Flat Out Multigrain Breads. Theyre 100 calories a piece and really tasty. One day I made shrimp salad (shrimp boiled in water and old bay seasoning, cooled and mixed with light mayo and celery), or Ill just use lunch meat. I am in love with the Boars Head Jerk Turkey meat - it is so spicy and delicious with some light mayo and lettuce. I will also probably grill some chicken with franks hot sauce and roll it up next week. I pair my wrap with carrots and hummus or pepperidge farm baked crackers.
I also throw in real sweet snacks! Bugles (and chex mix) are buy one get one at publix and since they both have 50 cent off coupons now (which double to $1 off each) I got 2 bags of each for 59 cents. I havent eaten bugels in forever and didnt even know these chocolate and pb ones existed. They are really yummy but it's hard to stop sticking your hand in the bag - so portion out before you munch away!

For labor day we will be grilling stuffed turkey burgers and having fish/shrimp and veggies sunday night. Its supposed to get into the mid-low 80s next week - my fingers are crossed! Have a happy final summer weekend!

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  1. Great job at eating well. It's tough sometimes, glad you hear you're enjoying Nashville. :)