Thursday, September 8, 2011

This week has been.....

Rainy! I was so happy to see the sun this morning, as I was really getting lazy due to the weather. Last Saturday it was 99 degrees and then sunday the rain came in and didnt leave until today. Mondays high was 59 - which I enjoyed but could do without the grey skies and wet roads. The temps should be in the 70s/80s for the next week or so, which I think will be perfect!

In the midst of the chilliness I took advantage and crocked some beef stew. It was so lovely to come home to an aroma filled home and nothing to do but put dinner on my plate (or bowl in this case). Adam was out at a company dinner so I froze the rest in individual servings for later on. I couponed, did the dishes from the past few days (from the dishwasher! I assure you my sink was not piled high with messy plates) and then snuggled in on the couch.

I also cant say that I didnt love being able to get into my new fall clothes - it felt refreshing and something about a new outfit just makes everything right.  I am loving GAPs work pants right now and picked up a couple pairs at the 50% off sale - one for $30 and one for $15. The Rayon crewneck is also a good staple and I got one in chalk and one in a tan color. The photo on the left has a dolman type shirt but mine is more of a grey/purple color.

Plus I was able to pull into starbucks and order a nonfat, no whip, pumpkin spice latte. The epitome of fall flavors and something else that can make everything ok in the world.

I am super excited because my mom and little sister are coming to visit Saturday! We will do some exploring and hopefully have nice weather. I planned my trip back to Orlando for a tues-fri in October, and will then fly to Connecticut to meet up with Adam for a long weekend to see his daughter. It will be interesting packing for two opposite climates, so I am already jotting out options so that I can still just carry on my bags.
I am ready to hop on the treadmill again today, especially since I opted not to run yesterday. I was really not feeling it and was having some major stomach pains so Ill pick it back up today and tomorrow. I hoep you all have a great weekend - I hope to post my stew recipe tomorrow. Happy September!

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