Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Our Nashville Home

I am happy to say that we are almost completely unpacked! I wanted to share a few quick photos of our home. I have spent a little time each day unpacking and now we are down to just our bonus room, office and loft being overloaded with boxes and paper. All of the bedrooms are unpacked, and just in time for guests! Adam's mom is coming to see us this weekend and my mom and sister are coming the next weekend.  We are loving the city, our home, our jobs and the weather!
 The first room done was the family room. It felt like such a success to have a room put together. We still need to hang photos and mirrors but there are no boxes to be seen!
We have a lot less cabinet space than before, which is bad news for me and my need for kitchen dishes/glasses/appliances. We went to target and picked up these two pantry  pieces. It allows a place for all of my cookbooks and our nice stemware, as well as liquor, pasta, rice, etc. They are kind of a life save for our kitchen! I also love the K-Cup storage unit that fits your Keurig on top. It is really helpful to us to save some space and makes choosing your brew fun!

I just love how the plates look, all stacked up.

I am baking for the first time today - pumpkin bread! I made it into muffins, mini donuts and a loaf and it is definitely my new go-to recipe. The weather should be getting into the low 80s next week, so its just about time for fall :) Dont forget that the pumpkin spice latte comes out on Tuesday! I am kind of over the summer so not really into anything creative for labor day - Im ready to kick the hot weather to the curb.

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  1. What a pretty house. What line of business are you and Adam in?