Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What We've Been Up To

 I am loving Nashville and all that there is to do in this City! Downtown is overflowing with things to do - restaurants adorn all of the streets and music radiates out of bars on broadway. You can pretty much see the football stadium, opry, art galleries, bars, and arena from the same location. There are lots of haunted tours that I cant wait to see also! It seems that every day there is something new happening and for us just relocating, we probably can't complain about being bored for a while!

On Saturday we attended the second day of the Nashville Music City BBQ Championship. There was a preseason football game going on around the same time, so it was pretty crowded and crazy. We had a lot of fun and the weather was perfect. You could see the stadium from where we were and it was nice to just take in our new surroundings.

 We got a 3 meat combo (pork, brisket and ribs) and some pork nachos from Paradise Bar and Grill. The meat was tender and the sauce had the perfect hint of spiciness. I am definitely keeping my eye out for the restaurant - I think it's right around our house and this is what I want to have when I crave bbq.

 We went to Legends Corner after the bbq for a beer and to listen to some music. I love how awesome all of the performers are at each bar. I think you could go anytime and really enjoy yourself. Its nice to be entertained when you're out! This band, River City Gang, was exceptionally amazing and I really didnt want to leave! They are supposed to have a single out in a week or 2, but I kind of hope they just stay low key and come back to play for us :)
 I scored a couple of really cute rings and bracelets at Forever 21 a little while back. I love this ring with the Essie Mint Candy Apple nail polish.
There is a AAA minor league baseball team here also. We made it to the last game of the season and even though it's nothing big, it's a fun and cheap thing to do. Tickets were $8 and we enjoyed ourselves. I loved the scoreboard that was a guitar. Everything in this town is geared towards music and I cant get enough!
 I also got a little crafty! We have a bright purple bedroom that now belongs to Audrey. We wanted to do some cute block letters to hang and so I got some paints and went to town. They turned out really cute and will add a nice little touch to her room.
This weekend we are going to hit up the art galleries and downtown some more. On the first Saturday of each month they open the galleries for people to see and serve wine.beverages. I cant wait to put on a dress and get on out there!

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  1. So glad you are enjoying your new place! I am always inspired by your positive, sunny outlook!