Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Moving to Nashville- Delays and Moving Theives

Well, we are officially Nashville residents but I cant say that our first few days have been easy. Adam and I drove up to Atlanta on Friday and then finished up to Nashville on Saturday afternoon. It was a HOT day and I felt like I never left Florida! The drive wasn't too bad and since we had movers we didn't have to haul much with us. We threw some clothes in our suitcases, packed our laptops and off we were. We got around to target, costco, publix (yay for coupon doubling!!) and even went for a run around our new neighborhood.

The movers were scheduled to bring our things on Sunday morning, so we were happy to get a call on Saturday evening saying that they had made it to town and would be over at 8am. Well, 7am rolled around and we got another call that the truck had broken down and was at the shop...that delivery probably would not be happening that day and they couldn't really tell us when they would be able to deliver. By Tuesday we were more than elated when they came at 7am with all of our things (eating out and having nowhere to sit gets really old after a day!!!).

Our van company hired two guys from Ellis Moving and Storage in Nashville to help. One of the guys seemed stoned from the get go and was a pretty big talker. He knew the area around us quite well and was giving us tips on where to go and how to get around. After Adam got cash to tip them all from his money clip, the guy came to say bye to me in the bathroom - only I was stuck in the closet full of clothes and couldn't even peek out to say good bye (The closet is too small - I dont have too many clothes!!!). About 2 hours later we were hungry for lunch after unpacking about half of the kitchen (the kitchen is too small, I dont have too many appliances/platters/glasses!!). When Adam went to search for his clip it was nowhere to be found. After looking on his online bank account and talking with them as well it was obvious that the guy had stolen everything, including id, and was hitting up stores all over town.

What a way to welcome us to a new town! No license, credit card, debit card, nothing for Adam. Detectives are on the case and obviously this guy will be caught (really - your job knows who you are and where you live, plus there is surveillance everywhere - how did you think you would get away with it?!) but cancelling cards and getting all new id is such a pain. Hopefully we can relax tonight since it's my birthday! I dont even want to unpack - I just want a calm evening before the crazy starts up again.

I hope you all had a super weekend and start to the new week! Can't believe September (and the pumpkin spice latte) are almost here! I cant wait for some cooler weather to blow through! :)

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