Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Re-Adjusting After Vacation

Well, I had 14 days off of diet and exercise and 18 off of work. IT is hard to get back into the swing of things, especially when I was gobbling down smores,bread, fries, mexican, liqour, beer and some wedding cake the whole time!

Yesterday after work I hit the pavement for a 3.5 mile run and intended on doing my strength training afterwards. Maybe it was the fact that all I ate was a small salad and lots of fruit (hello, detox time!) but I only was able to run about half of my route before I started cramping. It is hot in the Florida heat which does not help at all either. The sun beating down on you makes it nearly impossible to keep a decent pace. So, this morning I am up bright and early to do it again, and get the weights in this time that I missed out on.

I have Tuesdays off of work at this point, so the unpacking will commence and I've got laundry/dishes/cleaning up to do around the house. I really don't mind any of it and will be able to watch some Casey Anthony and her crazy defense while I take care of things. Plus I want to check out the GAP, VS and Bath and Body Works sales today, too. So, off I go! I will leave you wit ha few more photos of the wedding week!

We took a boat trip around the BVI's. It was a ton of fun with Painkillers, the Soggy Dollar and Peg, a peg legged sea gull that follows the boat back

Everyone at Megans Bay Beach!

We Snorkeled at Diamond Reef during our BVI trip
Walking down the aisle.....I was so glad that my choice of heels worked out and the grass was sturdy enough to keep them a top

Our cake was so delicious - chocolate cake, bavarian cream and rum butter cream icing - it was so moist and yummy!

A little more dancing

And Even a dance off on the beach
Happy Tuesday!

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