Monday, May 16, 2011

Unexpected 'Vacation'

Happy Monday! I hope that everyone had a fun weekend - I had a pretty busy one since we had to get a lot ready at the Gainesville House. We put aside so many towels - sheets - serve ware/mugs - wall pictures/paintings - shoes and clothing to take to GoodWill, then when we were on our way a massive monsoon came through, so we were unable to drop everything off! Adam will have to get it there this week but really just packing everything was what took the effort. We also completed our wedding playlist (it is an iPod reception so we had to decide which songs and the order which we wanted them to play) and got me a garage door opener, then on Sunday we got in some pool time. It was nice but I wasn't feeling too hot by the afternoon. Was it stormy by anyone else? I swear it rained all day and into the evening, not how a Saturday should be!

With only a few weeks left at work, I am making my days here even shorter. My Mom is in Panama by herself (she has gone 3 times over the past year for dental work) and unfortunately took a spill on the side walk. She ended up with a fracture in her knee and a full leg cast (which is a bright, limey green)! She really can't do much so I am flying out tomorrow morning through Friday to help her around. I have the PTO so it made the most sense for me to go - it will be neat to get over and see the country, but it would be better under different circumstances. Hopefully my mom can get the cast off before we leave in a few weeks for St Thomas! I am bringing my laptop and am sure will have time to blog - hoping the Casey trial starts Wednesday or so for me to watch! This all just happened yesterday and my flight is at 7am tomorrow, so I have a lot of packing and a Target stop to get in after work. I'm going to get some candy/snacks, a magazine and travel hair products. Anything else you pack for a long flight or a trip? I will only be there for a couple of days so I am definitely just carrying on (I HATE checking luggage and always avoid anyway).

I hope that everyone has a great start to their week that isn't as hectic as mine! Are there any magazine or book recommendations out there?

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