Friday, May 13, 2011

Pack 'em up and move 'em out......

It's time to move to your brand new house. Or so the Strawberry Shortcake song goes. I have my car filled with boxes, a suitcase and Im ready to make my final weekend trip to Gainesville. The next time I head there it will become my home! I packed up my photos and all from my office today so I will be in a bare workspace for the next couple of weeks, but I much prefer to move those things now instead of with the big things.

We have a busy weekend planned! Going by GoodWill to donate our old items, picking up a garage remote from Home Depot and figuring out how to program it to our door, finalizing our wedding playlist and trying to catch some sun! It is officially 1 month until our wedding day - so very exciting!

I am looking forward to next week also for the start (finally, after 3 long years) of the Casey Anthony trial here in Orlando. My sisters and I followed this daily from the very beginning and even helped search for the body of Caylee. I have subscribed to tweets of the jury selection and will be glued to everything that has to do with the trial. The courthouse is probably a 5 minute walk from where I work, and Casey lived/partied right around me, so you can imagine the anticipation and hoopla. Have you been interested in Casey at all? I know it's a huge national story so it will be extremely interesting to see how this plays out. I believe that she is guilty, and don't see how anyone could argue that, so I will maybe share some of my opinions on the case as it plays out.

Everyone have a safe and happy weekend!

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