Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Some Quick Photo Fun

The other week when Adam's mom and family were in town, we opened some bridal shower/wedding presents so that they could participate with us.  I wanted to share two of the pictures.
 Adam got this fun ball and chain from co-workers at our engagement party and was modeling it this evening. Don't you think it looks perfect on him?! I think he looks super handsome here! And don't worry, the whole house will be decorated upon my move!
This is just to show off my calf muscle :) I am sometimes self conscious about how large they are but the fact that they look muscular now makes me happy and pushes me to keep up my strength training! (and yay for our charcoal quilt - We are going with a charcoal/robins egg blue theme in our master bed and bath)

I don't know why, but I love the concept of a muted color like grey with an accent color to make it pop - like the blue.

 I love the light grey walls with the charcoal headboard and blue accents

 I die for this grey toilet, tub and the vanity!!!

Well, enough daydreaming!

I really need to get better at printing my pictures. I recently started an album on the walgreens photo site so that I can add to it and print once I get up to Gainesville. I think that we will have a picture heavy house when we do decide to buy, and I won't feel so bad putting lots of holes in the walls! I envision our entrance way with a wall full of different sized/colored frames. Has the prominence of facebook and 'my document' folders made you slack on having hard copies of your photos? They are both great places for storage but I don't want to lack in the prints anymore.

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