Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weekend Recap

This weekend was a ton of fun squeezed into a few days, and I am ending it with a full belly and lobster-red skin!! We had a spur of the moment beach trip and did not apply our spray sunscreen accurately so this week I will be fighting to keep my skin moisturized and prevent peeling. I also kickstart my wedding diet tomorrow, so trust me when I tell you that I fit in a lot of indulgences from Friday to Sunday. I also shopped for all of my eggs, wraps, veggies, tuna and fruit. I am ready to go!

We hit up the Bacchus Bash with my family and tasted a lot of great food and drinks.

We went to breakfast ay Dennys and I tried the Bacon Flapjacks from the bacon menu. They were good!!

We went to dinner down in Cocoa Beach and made it in time for their oyster special. I love raw oysters!

Hanging out at Rustys. They have a live band and you can watch the cruise ships leave. There were dolphins out this day!

We stayed the night and then caught some rays, and after staying for 4 hours we left completely fried - oops and ouch!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend - it was 93 here which is a bit hot! It will be in the 80s later this week. Ill try to document my diet a little bit this week. :)

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