Monday, April 11, 2011

SwimSuit Review

You know that I am a complete sucker for swimsuits, and since I finally found my last one to purchase for the year, I wanted to review 2 here. I love Victorias Secret for their affordable line of mix and match bikinis, but also because they have different brands online. Since I got cheaper suits, I went ahead and decided to spend money on one other. These were my orders

Hot Tuna Bandage Bikini

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This bikini was in a magazine, I believe that it may have even been Sports Illustrated. Either way, I ordered it the day the catalogue came out with the picture, and it was backordered already. When I checked the site a few days later it wasn't even listed anymore! It was a hot item, and for about $130 I figured it would be a great suit. After a month or so it finally shipped out to me, and I have to say that I was extremely dissapointed with it. The material was very was stiff and not comfortable at all. I got a medium bottom and large top, both of which were awkwardly sized. I'm not sure who could fit into the top without having it altered (and seriously, who alters a bikini??); the band was way too large around and the actual cups were too small. The bottom was too tight and not at all forgiving. I sent this back and called it a day.

Naelie Iridescent Peach Bikini
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Then I saw this. I decided to research a bit first, and saw a bunch of this brand on shopbop. I love the back and the twist detailing but was still a little unsure of how the top would fit. It is even more pricey at $155, but with $30 off and free shipping I decided to take the plunge. I ordered a couple different sizes but was happy that it came in numerical sizing instead of S/M/L. I have to say that this is the most amazing suit I have ever purchased. The extra money is well worth it. Do you ever wonder why swimsuit bottoms always cut the fat on your hips? These don't. At all. And I've gotta tell you, my hips are no stranger to fat. And the material is extremely comfortable. I am saving this for the wedding week, so will have pictures of it on then, but I have to recommend it to you now. I actually take a size 8 bottom and size 10 top, and I consider myself a M bottom and L/XL top. They go up to a size 12.

I am so happy that now most of the US can join in on the warm beach weather!

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