Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happy Hump Day!

It's Wednesday! In just a few hours we will all be half way through our work week and if you're days have been anything like mine it feels like an eternity. This week has just been creeping and I am ready for Friday. Also - Easter is only a week and a half away! Have you died your eggs yet?! That is just crazy soon and means May is almost here. Does anyone have any memorial day plans set yet? This sun burn is still hanging onto my back and legs which I am less than thrilled about.

Countdown: 61 days til the wedding, 52 days til I move, 57 days til our flight departs
That is not much time, people. I got my palm fans in and tied some pretty ribbon and tags to them for use at the ceremony. I just need to get working on printing my paper items, ie. welcome notes for bags, cards to family and letter to Adam, place cards. We will have 2 tables with 10 ppl at each, and I am torn on how to seat everyone. Who goes where?? I doubt it's a big deal since it's not really for long, but I don't want anyone to feel uncomfortable at dinner.

I also have a list of things to do at the Gainesville house before I can possibly move all of my items in and be settled. Hope to tackle them all in a couple of weeks - I hate everything that comes with moving and reorganizing, so I pray that it won't take too long and that I don't stress out about it. Since I've started following a few home design blogs I have been slightly motivated, but I hope it will kick up a notch when I actually move in.

I am going out with my sister tonight to meet a friend for her birthday! We are heading to a sushi joint, so I will be ordering the soup, salad and edamame. I am sticking to my diet, I mean it's the first week so I can't possibly stray! Tomorrow I have dinner with another friend of mine who lives in Tampa, so it will be much harder to see each other once I move. That should keep me moving and busy until Friday - do you meet friends out much during the week for dinner or maybe a glass of wine? It adds some excitement to a mundane schedule!

 Here's an extra photo from Friday's Bacchus Bash. Embassy Suites was selling these pineapple drinks to promote the new(ish?) dragonberry rum from Bacardi. They were yummy and had a pink slice of dragon fruit right in the drink too!
My parents cat, Marsh(mallow), is obsessed with lying on paper, in boxes or a laptop. Yesterday afternoon my mom unwrapped a vase that she had bought for my centerpieces and Marsh decided that it was the perfect space for a nap!

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