Monday, April 18, 2011


Seriously, Surprise! My sisters threw my bridal shower yesterday and I had no clue about it, not one ounce of suspicion. I have no clue how that happens in a family that has never kept a secret in their life, but they totally pulled it off and it was amazing! It was at a paint your own pottery shop (All Fired Up, in Winter Park) and Adam got me there without me thinking anything was up - my friends and family awaited with snacks, wine, cupcakes and lots of fun. I am so grateful for everyone and for having such great sisters! Thank you to you all!!

Everyone painted a plate or a bowl and these items will adorn Adam and My kitchen cabinets, tables and parties. I think that is just the greatest idea ever. Everyone painted whatever they wanted and signed the bottom of their piece and I cannot wait to make room for all of them! I didn't want any silly games, so the painting kept everyone occupied. I am so excited for the wedding now that the festivities have begun!

A Recap in Photos:
I was so surprised and excited!!!

everyone picked out stencils and colors for their masterpiece

my mom made these awesome vanilla/cheesecake cupcakes with a beach theme

my sisters are my bridesmaids who put this all on. amazing!

all of the attendees - thanks to everyone!

opening presents - I received a lot of entertaining items so I hope to make lots of friends :)

My bow hat - I laugh every time I see this

I hope everyone has a great start to their week!

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