Tuesday, April 19, 2011

DIY Place Cards on the Cheap

I have been using a lot of cardstock to complete my projects, and spending $5 on a pack of 50 sheets really goes a long way. The large books of heavy stock have also been able to last me through a couple of projects.

Since we are getting married and having our reception at the beach, I have been on the lookout for starfish/sand dollars for my place cards for at dinner. Some people spend money to have someone else make these but I really don't see why - it's easy and cheap to do it on your own so you can cut down your overall cost and buy something fun instead (or save it, saving a few bucks here and there will add up!).

I was scouring the TJMaxx clearance aisle a few weeks back when I saw that all of their beach shells, bottles and decorations were marked down. I found starfish Christmas garland where the pieces just slide off of the rope. I picked up a pack and then realized my mom had also bought a pack. Good thing, because we ended up having more people that were able to attend than I originally thought.

I used the font 'Gigi' and printed out names onto white cardstock. I then used tacky glue to adhere them to larger sized heavy cardstock. Punch a hole in it and thread some ribbon, then I attached it onto the hook that was already on the starfish. Easy! You could also make these tented so that they stand on their own without something to tie them to - there are lots of fonts out there that you can buy or add to your Word variety. The craft store is your friend too!

I get to see my dress all fitted tonight - I can't wait! Hopefully it won't be long until I can take it home.

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