Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Friday/Earth Day/Good Friday!

The Weekend is here!! Has everyone dyed their eggs and made their candy wish list known to the Easter Bunny? It seems so late but finally easter is here. A's family comes into town for a week starting today, so after work I will head to Gainesville to see them all but will head back home tomorrow night. Since it's my last holiday as a single lady, I really want to spend a typical Easter at my family's house. We always open Easter Baskets (yes, evern though we are all over 21), my mom makes a breakfast that is made up of polish sausage, bagels, rye bread and eggs, we eat candy and go to church and get dressed up - then eat a big buffet style Easter dinner. It's fun and we have done it every year of our lives! Do you have traditions that make you feel like a kid again or bring you back to your childhood? We are dying eggs tomorrow night - I love taking them to work throughout the week after the holiday!

 Today is Earth Day! Have you gone green? Reusable grocery bags or not using excessive plastic water bottles? Buying a hybrid car or taking the bus? I remember my bags very rarely, I really want to get better about that. I do usually use plastic bottles but I reuse them multiple times before tossing. Then I saw in Target's ad that they have a Brita water bottle now! It was on sale for $8.99 this week so I picked one up yesterday; it has a filter in the lid. Since I skipped my workout last night I hit the gym a tiny bit before 6am this morning and brought this baby along with me. It's a pretty sea blue color too, which will help me to keep using it! Target also has some really pretty regular Brita Pitchers. You can check them out here - I like this Tangerine colored one. (If you 'like' the Brita Bottle on Facebook you can print a $1 off coupon which will drop your price to $7.99 through Sunday at traget and give you a $3 savings)
 You know what they say - eat protein right after you workout! So here is my breakfast for today, plus a hot cup o' joe. I love greek yogurt because it is so creamy, although it is more caloric than what I usually eat and has more sugar, it does pack 14g of protein.
 I get on cereal kicks - the other month it was cinnamon toast crunch and now I went for some Kix. I have been eating it for the past few days. It is lightly sweet and super crunchy which I love. I also mixed it with some raisins and chocolate graham goldfish for a snack mix.
 I bought some great starwberries to last me the end of the work week and so the other night for dinner I paired them with an egg white sandwich. 2 egg whites with a little dash of red pepper flakes, a slice of American 2% cheese on a toasted english muffin. So good and almost refreshing as it is a light meal.
I tagged all of the flip flops that I am giving away at the wedding reception. My card stock and endless buying of ribbon made these easy to throw together. I still have a couple of pairs to go, but the bulk is out of the way.

If you are a fan of the spray sunscreens, this is new from Neutrogena. If you get sweaty or in the water like I do, this will probably be a good product for you. I love that you can apply it when you're wet and it will actually stick to you. It is on sale at target this week for $8.99 a bottle, and if you go here and sign up, you get a $2 off coupon. You can print multiples too - I printed 2 and bought 2 bottles for the wedding week.

The Magic play tonight and I am praying that they make a complete turn around and have some energy. Our team seems to be fading and I just want the Magic circa 2009 back! I hope that everyone has a lovely Easter - enjoy your family and the holiday!

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  1. I use reuseable shopping bags. I've gotten much better at remembering to take them with me when I go! We also have a water filter and use stainless steel water bottles.

    I hate that we're not going to be spending Easter at home! My favorite part of Easter is the eggs- dying them and hiding them for the little ones. It will just be me and the hubbs, I'm buying a whole chicken to roast and some chocolate eggs. :) Have a great weekend!