Monday, April 25, 2011

OOOT Bag Updates

I know that a lot of posts have been wedding related lately, but bear with me because you only have 49 days left! I wanted to do an update on my out of town bags, since they are pretty much finished now! I decided to have the fans in a basket or on chairs at the ceremony so that no one has to remember to bring them in their taxi, and I will have the flip flops at the reception so that it is more convenient than people carrying them. So Now my bags consist of a deck of cards, map, water and the below items:

 I made these welcome cards with card stock, some ribbon and tacky glue. It includes contact numbers for if people need to get a hold of myself, A or my mom, a note welcoming everyone to the island and the addresses for ceremony, reception and welcome dinner. I decided to tie it with a bow because I have just become obsessed with all of the ribbon!

I also made these wedding survival kits for each bag. I included advil, pepto, wet one wipes and shout wipes. The foldover tabs were easy to make in power point. I just inserted a rectangle shape and printed until I got the correct length to attach to a plastic baggie. I typed in my wording and changed the colors then printed them with enough space in between to be able to bend (2 per sheet). I just bent in half and stapled onto the finished plastic bag. I purchased all of the travel sized items in bulk off of Amazon. I even did the same for the card decks.

I may stick a snack or something in them also, since without the fans and flops its kind of scarce. Anything that I may be missing??

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