Thursday, April 28, 2011

Food Fads - Popsicles!

It seems like there is always a new 'it' food making its way around the blogs. Cupcakes, cake pops and most recently I am noticing many popsicles! I found myself intrigued with some popsicle recipe books while at William Sonoma the other day, but if you go to the blogs you can find tons there also! I am always looking for something cold but still sweet in the summer, so I think that I will hop on this train once I have some free time and an open freezer.

Don't these just look so yummy?? You can pick this up at William Sonoma.

 If you want to you can get all fancy and buy this Popsicle Maker, or you can just go old school with an ice cube try and sticks, or those small paper cups that you can peel away.
I had to throw this in here too, because I think it was love at first sight when I came across it. This is the new Susan G Komen stand mixer, in Raspberry Ice. It looks so pretty that I almost can't stand the fact that I do not have it. I will admire from afar........

What food fads have you gotten consumed with? I think popsicles just sound so diverse and fun/colorful!

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