Friday, April 1, 2011


Last Friday A and I attended a spring training game at disney - LOTS of fun!!
Shirt: GAP Sequin Sleeve T
 This day was off to a great start even before I woke up. Do you ever have near perfect days like that? Here's my list of why today is awesome:

-It's Friday!
-I head to Gainesville at 4:30 to see Adam and we are going out to watch some baseball games!
-The sunshine is out for the first time in days and there's a 0% chance of rain :)
-I have practically all of my RSVPs in for the wedding
-I got some extremely pleasant surprises of guests who are able to attend!
-Adam and I have an engagement party tomorrow that someone he works with is graciously throwing us, so there's something to look forward to!
-I got my roots touched up and a TRIM (yep, I went for it) yesterday, so I'm feeling extra good about my hair today

I feel like things are just as positive as could be. Do you have any big plans for the weekend? Now that it's April, I have a lot of DIY things to get done for the wedding and am feeling a little overwhelmed, even though I have a schedule put into place for it. Is anyone going on vacation soon for spring time? Especially you northerners with all of the snow - you must be over it by now!

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