Monday, April 4, 2011

OOTD: Engagement Party

This past Saturday night, one of Adam's co-worker was gracious enough to throw us an engagement party for all of the employees to attend. She has a gorgeous house in Ocala (think: lots of space in between houses, which is rare here in Florida) and had a very nice set up on her patio by the pool. She and her husband had drinks, food, a delicious cake and games. Since it was really our first wedding related festivity, I went with a dress for the occasion.

Dress: Express
Shoes: MIA Olive Biscotti Wedges

These shoes are pretty high, but I love the color and they match practically everything.
I purchased mine at piperlime

The ruffle detailing adds just enough to make this casual cotton dress
versatile enough to dress up or down.

We had such a fun time! Everyone there was so great to us and it was good to finally meet a lot of the people that I have not had the chance of running into before now. Everyone brought presents as well, which was completely unnecessary as I thought it was nice enough just to get everyone together for an evening. I do have to say that getting married is much like Christmas. We have about 4 boxes stacked by the front door of gifts that have been delivered, but we have not opened them yet.

Our Good Grips food containers, waiting to be filled!
Once we set out to put together our registries, I came across these suction, pop lid food storage containers. I put a set of 5 on our list and have honestly been anxiously hoping that someone would scoop them up for us. which they did and is one of the items that we opened on Saturday night. I think that they are so cool and will actually keep your foods fresh. Im thinking of filling them with pasta, rice, maybe some chocolate chips. I haven't completely decided yet, but I love the look of having the see through containers to display everything. It's an extra way to bring some color and texture into your kitchen. Does anyone have these yet? Did you find anything interesting to fill them with? I love the idea of putting twizzlers in them (in the photo on the box) but don't want to be a total copy cat!


  1. LOVE your dress. It looks amazing on you. Love the color too. That was so sweet of your friend to throw you guys a party! I remember when we started to get presents, it was so exciting to come home every day and see a new box waiting for me. I really want those containers, I didn't register for anything like that!

  2. You should get the containers! I love them and wish I registered for the 10 piece instead of just the 5 - although Im not sure I really need 10!