Thursday, April 14, 2011

I Purchased a Coupon Holder

That's right. I browsed Target's shelves and saw this coupon sized accordion for a cool $4.27. Now Instead of having my coupons scattered about my wallet, I have them filed away in a lightweight holder that fits perfectly into my handbag.

The other night my mom was telling me stories of her savings when she was newly married and had my two older sisters. She refused to ever dig into their 'savings' envelope, even when their grocery money was out at the end of the week. She would scour the couch for change to buy bread! I do plan to buy most of our pantry/freezer essentials with coupons - rice, pasta, sauces, frozen veggies, meat, cereal, etc. so that we can always eat something that is pretty cheap if we have run out by Friday. Cooking can get expensive, but meal planning really helps you control what you spend while still making nutritious choices.

I am definitely going to be saving more money so that we can look towards having a family, and a budget is necessary for that! I think that we will also cautiously be fighting that newlywed bulge; when we get together we like to eat, drink and have fun so we will need to be mindful of what we stuff our faces with once we are together 7 days a week :)

Any money advice for a newly co-habitating couple? Was it hard to get your finances in order and see them as one or did it take a while? I have a budget outlined that I hope we can stick to and save as much as possible.

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