Friday, March 11, 2011

Summer Purchases

With lots of wedding planning and crafting and craziness, I also made a few fun purchases for myself and the summer time!

Lets Start with the most fun category: Shoes!! I really wanted a wedge that I could wear all spring and summer, that has color but is versatile also. I ordered these and got them yesterday. I LOVE them! They are perfect.

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I also picked up a couple of dresses. The floral dress is for the Welcome Dinner, I think. I got it at Macys for about  $40 and it also has a cute bow in the back. I like the gathered look of it and that it isn't too long on me since it's a Juniors Dress.

I got this pink dress from Express. Its cotton so it's comfy and I will probably wear it to events before the wedding, but it will be a honeymoon dress too. The fit is perfect and it's something that I can get a lot of wear out of in the warm months.

I got this Trianlge Top from VS, and I live that it offers a lot of support and is still really cute. It's a great fit and I recommend this top to anyone looking for some added boost plus help to hold up what you've got! I also can't deny my love for the hot pink color :) [side note that I already bought this before I said no more swimsuits! I also have one in the mail that was on backorder - it was taken off of the site within 2 weeks so I am really excited for it and hoping it fits so that I can reveal it to you!]

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I usually get a new cover-up each year. I like this one because its very light weight and soft. I purchased it in white.

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I tried this Tulle Trim T on at GAP when it first came out, but I didn't really want to spend much on basically a pretty t-shirt. It actually went on sale very quickly and I got it for $20. I love it and will probably we wearing it out this weekend!

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Lastly, this item has been on my 'want' list for months now. These denim trouser shorts never seem to go on sale enough for me to think about purchasing them, though. I am hoping that in the next month or so they will have a sale that I find sufficient for buying.

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 Wedding Fashion Checklist:
Hair Accessories
Welcome Dinner Dress

Happy Weekend to Everyone! I am helping my sister move tomorrow and then meeting friends out for dinner at Bahama Breeze - so excited! This week has flown, it's already lent and next week I already have an appointment to have my wedding dress altered. I am definitely enjoying every minute of this spring :)

PS- Have you seen all of the video/photos/reports about what's going on in Japan and the Tsunami warnings all over? So scary and hard to watch. Keep everyone over there in your thoughts!

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