Monday, March 14, 2011

Getting Things in Order

In case you didn't wake up yesterday thinking '3 months to go!', I am here to remind you that we are only 3 weeks away from the wedding! I pretty much have everything nailed down, just figuring out some transportation options for the wedding day and then minor details. Think: lists of what to pack, whats left to buy and make, bridesmaid breakfast menu, setting up appointments, etc.

This also means that I am LESS than 3 months away from packing up and moving to Gainesville. I think that my move date will be Memorial Day Weekend, which really puts me about 2.5 months out. Each weekend I am carting things that were stored at my moms house or that I won't be using, and my goal is to just be moving essential clothing items and the big stuff on that last weekend.

I was a little bit worried that we needed to buy furniture to fill up the house - a house that we are renting. We figured we would try to find some cheap deals, but you know that furniture is still expensive even when cheap. I just really want to wait until we are into a home that we buy and know we will  be in, and then find furniture to decorate nicely.We moved my sister Erin into her new place this past weekend, and we were lucky that she had a friend who was in need of cleaning out her storage unit - free of charge. We came away with a new bed, large kitchen table with chairs, armoir and a couch with ottoman! This helps us out so much and the fact that these things have barely ever been used is just icing on the cake. Now we are only in need of a bedroom set for the master! My whole bedroom set now will be moved into one spare room and we will move Adams current bed into the other spare. Lots of room for Audrey and guests to visit us, and I am so grateful that we found ourselves in that situation. We also have enough kitchen items to fill 2 whole kitchens, but that's a whole other story.

As for maintaining my weight for the wedding, I have fallen off a bit. The weekends have just consumed me and I have either eaten healthy but way too large portions, or ate crappy and didn't stop. I am determined to change that this coming weekend. I am actually going up to Gainesville on Thursday and taking Friday off (definitely starting off my tan as it will be 81 each day!) so I know St Pattys day I will have some good beer and food, but I am keeping us on track all of the remaining days! I am going to scope out some good recipes to try - maybe portobellas for no meat Friday and then grilling of some sort Saturday? I need to do some research for sure! Happy Monday!

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