Monday, March 28, 2011

Random Thoughts From My Desk....

I ate WAY too many munchkins from DD yesterday and after tallying them in my spark people calorie generator, I am well over 2,000 calories for that day. (OMG I seriously had like 10)

I have this very bad habit of picking at my eyebrows to pluck the hard ones with my fingers - so weird, I know! I have had one all day that I cannot get and I'm giving myself a headache while trying to pull it out (and no doubt I have a very red spot on my eyebrow from it).

Ever since discussing the Keratin Hair Treatment this past weekend, I am really wanting to try it. Have any of you? I am curious as to if you get it, will your hair hold curls from a curling iron? and speaking of hair, have you seen the new feather extensions? I want those also!

It's practically April! Wasn't it just Christmas? I am very ready for the summer but also slightly missing the holidays.

I tried the Quaker True Delights Wild Blueberry Oatmeal this morning, since I loved the crisps so much, and it was so disappointing. I love that there are actual blueberries in there, but it was way too sweet for me.

I am really lacking motivation this week. I have already picked out what I want to cook for dinner Friday and thought about what to wear/bring to our engagement party on Saturday, and it's not even the end of Monday yet! (Im going to partially blame this on the gloomy, rainy day and those to come this week)

Hopefully your Monday is off to a faster start than mine!

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