Friday, March 25, 2011

Is it just me or are the recent weeks seriously flying by?? I am so happy that the weekend is here again, it just feels like I'm losing all of the days in between. With the amazing weather back in season, it makes me want to have fun and relax outside, which is fun but not so great for gym time motivation. Yesterday I decided to skip the gym and have a beer instead! It was nice but I do have to admit that I feel guilty about it. I will try to get a run in on maybe sunday morning to make up for it. I am really excited for Adam to roll into town this afternoon! We are going to head out to a spring training game (Braves vs. Tigers) at Disney - I got us lawn seat tickets so as long as he remembers the blanket, we will be all set for a fun evening game! Most of the family is headed to the beach tomorrow, since I think we are all getting concerned about our tans now. Then Sunday we will be celebrating my moms birthday. I'm sure the weekend will be gone like a lightening bolt, it always seems like way less than 2 days when you have so many fun things to enjoy!

We are also only 80 days out from the wedding, 76 away from leaving and 71 from my move to Gainesville! Lately I have been really anxious about getting my dress out of the shop - I go back April 19th to try it on with the hem and all of the take ins, but then still need my bustle taken care of. I just want to get it out of there and at home (where I can secretly try it on whenever I want!). My sisters have found some cute dresses too, so it's nice to know that the ball is rolling on that. April 1st is actually our deadline for rsvps....I feel like we will be on some people asking them on the 2nd for a reply. What happened to make people think that rsvp means 'just dont respond'? Well, at least no one refused to give their address for a wedding invitation (just for the bridal shower).

I actually found something while searching through other people's wedding blogs that I decided to incorporate into my wedding. They have all of these 'bouquet charms' to attach to your bridal bouquet and they even have picture frame ones. Some people have photos set up in the church or reception of loved ones that have passed, but this is a twist on it that I think is extra special. You can place the picture into the frame and attach it to your flowers. I just think that it is really meaningful and so I set out on etsy to find someone who could size my picture and put it into the charm. AristoCrafty is a great little shop on there, so I am going to order this charm and have a photo of my Grandmother put in it so that she can still be with me on my wedding day.
Photo Courtesy of AristoCrafty on etsy
It looks so gorgeous outside that I am feeling completely confined in my office! Is there anything fun going on in your area? Is anyone BBQing yet for spring?! Have a happy weekend :)

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  1. What a beautiful idea to include a picture of your Grandmother. I've seen pictures of bouquets with a small charm and I think it's so pretty.

    I wish I was BBQing. The high today was 30 degrees! :(