Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dieting: Wedding Edition

With the way my weight has yo-yoed in years past, I consider myself extremely lucky that my wedding is happening around the point in my life where my weight has been consistent, and in a good way. I have been working out, as you know, and trying to watch what I eat. Those things combined have brought me to where I am now, and I am happy with that. But for a wedding on an island, I am in need of losing a few more pounds. When you have 9 days planned with your friends/family that has a dress code of: bathing suit and you know pictures will be taken that you will always keep and that your kids will look at years from now, you are under a different pressure than other times of dieting.

My problem comes in the form of these, which I happened to make over the weekend and eat about a quarter of the batch:

Sweet chocolatey goodness, all for me (not because I'm mean, because Adam hates the chocolate). The fat on me loves it when I pop one into my mouth, and my mind just screams that this is the opposite of what I should be eating. So, I left the remaining treats in Gainesville and brought my Quaker Snack Cakes to Orlando. (Have you tried the Wild Blueberry True Delights? Maybe I'm crazy but they taste amazing and are a great low-cal, sweet option!) I am off candy and soon will be off carbs. I am aware that on my honeymoon I will gain all of my carb loving pounds back, but that is something that I am ok with, because I am not upset with my weight now - I just want to lose some specifically for those few days in June.

So, right now I plan to have a diet consisting of: fruit/oatmeal for breakfast. Maybe some cereal. Protein and veggies for lunch and dinner. Maybe a good starch in there before I go off the carbs. Avoiding: Snacky things! Chips, pretzels, cheese (mmmm), cookies, ice cream and replacing with green tea, coffee, raw veggies, etc. I am also working out 4-5 days per week. I was thinking of adding spin back into the mix, but with so much going on I am just not sure that I will be able to realistically add that into my schedule. If I even just cut out snacking, I bet I could lose 3 or so pounds over the next 83 (!!) days. Has anyone attempted this and gotten results by sticking to just meals and not straying with the good stuff? Honestly I am looking at a 1,000 calorie a day maximum intake. If I can manage to keep myself busy and my mind not wandering, I know that I can do that and don't think it's too low. You all know me well enough to know that I cannot completely avoid sweet and salty snacks or burgers for that long, so I definitely plan on re-adjusting my intake a bit and being stricter towards the end, starting in May.

Any advice from past brides out there? Did you find the stress when you were down to the wire melted off a couple of pounds or added on? Did you do anything special or just sort of roll with the punches? Did I make you want a rice krispie treat?! :)


  1. I think you've got a good plan- stick to fruits and veggies, work out, and allow yourself a "treat" every now and then, just so that if you are in a situation where there are goodies everywhere (like a party, a birthday, etc) you won't go overboard. Stress before my wedding actually made me lose weight, since I was so busy I forgot to eat!

  2. Oh, and remember- your dress! You don't want to lose too much and have to take it in at the last minute. :)