Friday, January 14, 2011

Belting It Up

It's Friday!! I hope that everyone has fun plans for the weekend and that you have Monday off like I do. After my shopping trip earlier this week, and with Happy Hour after work, I decided to dress up slightly for casual Friday today. If you follow any fashion blogs, you know that belting your shirts is quite popular. It helps to define your waist but also allow for some looser fitting tops. Since it needs to sit higher up on your torso, it's nearly impossible to use a studded belt.

I came across this adjustable skinny belt at express and it works perfectly for belting pants and shirts. It buckles up in front and has 2 sliders that you can move to adjust the length. I paired it with the top that I got from GAP for $5(this is the closest I can find on the website) and threw a cardigan over top. I think that this will be a nice addition to my wardrobe in the summer months when I can skip the cardigan and look a little dressier. I also love that it matches my new Lilac City Flats, so I was able to wear those today also.

I also got my hair touched up yesterday. I added in some long bangs to give it something different. I also did more highlights around my face but also added in some darker low lights, about the shade of my natural color. I feel like I should give it a cut, but I am just not ready to part ways with the length yet!!

Some people love to cut their hair, and I usually get an itch to do so but then completely regret it and then don't cut it for 2 years. That's what has happened here! I love how long it is and I really dislike short hair on myself, but I could probably use some layers. I don't know, I'm just not ready to go there yet. Do you ever get that way? Change can be fun but also disappointing.

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