Thursday, January 13, 2011

Body Deflating and an Appearance Touch-Up

This second week of January has been a bumpy one that definitely made me second guess my diet/workouts. I felt fat the whole week, and the scale reflected it. I haven't done anything differently, so I was getting very concerned with what was going on. Yesterday I thought that it has to just be water weight/bloating, and I hit the treadmill and strength class as usual. I am happy to report that today I am back to normal! The scale moved down and I just feel like my pants fit again. I'm not sure what was happening, but I am glad that it's over!

I was supposed to wake up early this morning to fit the gym into my schedule, but that did not happen. I never caught up on my sleep and was so terribly tired this morning. I continued dreaming in between snoozes and was so comfy in my big soft comforter. I never wanted to leave, but had to at 6:30 for work. Tonight I am getting my hair touched up, which I am greatly looking forward to, as it has been months since I've been to the salon. I am just doing a re-color and then getting long bangs put back in. Now that I am feeling slim again and getting my hair fixed, tomorrow I will be on top of my game, and ready for drinks and dinner out!

I also hit the mall the other day to buy some presents and was so pleasantly surprised with the number of sales going on, and how many things I actually liked at them. I got away with 2 new workout tops from VS, for $15 a piece. I love them because they are fitted at the top, then loose and banded at the bottom, and the banded part stays in place while running. When I walked into GAP, I swear angels from above sang a song as I saw the '$25' sign above the wall of pretty City Flats. I picked up a pair of the new patent leather ones in a lilac color. I also got a top for $5 and a cardigan for $15. I will have photos when I wear them, since my camera phone is too awful to take pictures of clothing on the hanger.

I am so ready for the weekend - Adam comes into town as we celebrate my sister Erin's 30th Birthday (which is today). Happy Birthday! I am ready to get dressed up and hit Blue Martini, eat pizza and grab some happy hour cocktails. I also have MLK day off, which is monday, so I'm thinking of heading to Gainesville sunday night-Tuesday morning. It would be nice to get some one on one time in and cook dinner, workout and relax. Have a happy weekend!

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