Monday, December 27, 2010

Post Holiday Menu

While a lot of you are off this whole week, it is back to reality for me! If I weren't working, I would surely be indulging some more in drinks and sweets which makes it a good thing that I'm not. There are snow storms whirling around up north, but it is freezing down south too; 52 is our high today.

While I am not going to be one of those crazed gym goers that vow to work out starting today or January 3rd, I am getting back into my normal routine of food and exercise this week. When everyone else gives up mid February (or January), I will still be at it as I forsee the spring and bikini weather! I have not taken my stregnth class at the gym since early December, so today I will add that back into my weekly rotation. I am already afraid of how out of shape I will be from missing so many classes. I will definitely be huffing and puffing my way through and end up sore tomorrow, but that is what I'm looking for to get my stamina back up.

I am also hopping on the lower calorie train this week to flush out all of the junk I have been eating. I will do fruit for breakfast, a wrap and raw carrots/celery for lunch and then baked chicken with brown rice and roasted veggies for dinner (after some leftovers of ham and green beans tonight). Since we are not going out for New Years Eve, it will be easy to control the calories taken in and I am hoping we can hit up Tijuana Flats for dinner (romantic, right?), but tailgating may be a different story. As long as I am on track this work week, I will definitely feel as though I am on the normal schedule again which is really all that I am looking for.

Do you have a plan for balancing out the sodium and sweets that you took in the past few days (or weeks)? It feels good to not have gone and messed up any weight loss this holiday season! I need get together some new recipes to start cooking again in the new year.

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