Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

Hopefully everyone is settling in for the short week now and I hope that you all had a great Christmas weekend! I had a great time and got lots of great gifts. Of course the best part is being around your loved ones, and we were able to have many days of that. We played lots of games and got super lazy. After church on Christmas Eve, Adam was able to finally get to town for the weekend and we started the food and festivities.
Even Marsh got in on the fun. She loves to lay on things, including boxes and wrapping paper. She somehow found her way into this bow and managed to shimmy it all the way down to her stomach.
I received a lot of presents, but only managed to snap a few photos. These are one of my new favorites, as I need more stud earrings. These are little bows by Juicy. I also got some gold studs to match my gold studs for my second hole.
It was the year of charms! I wanted to re-do my Juicy charm bracelet, so I had asked for the little sleigh dog. My mom got me the others (TJ Maxx had them in stores this year), and was pleasantly surprised with the ones that I received.
I finally asked for the Bare Minerals starter kit. I still use MAC and my sisters switched over a few years back, so I decided to take the plunge. I am really enjoying it and will continue to use it as my new makeup routine. I highly recommend it for anyone who has not tried it.

I also made it to Target when they opened at 7am on Sunday, because every other year when I go later they are sold out of what I need. I was able to score some pretty wrapping paper and ribbons, cards, stocking holders, gift bags, ornaments(I made sure to get a pickle!) and tags for 50% off. I actually forgot the cards on my first trip so I had to go back before Adam and I went out to watch football. He offered to buy my cards next year, but saving $12 where you can is obviously a good thing to try to do. Those few dollars can add up quickly!

Hopefully you got everything you wanted and are enjoying the rest of the holiday season. Only a few more days left!

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