Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Running towards the Turkey Trot

It's that time of year again! This will be my second year running the Turkey Trot, and I am excited because Adam and Erin will both also be running it. If you recall last year's trot, I had a really difficult run but managed to finish with a time of 26:45. While I have been running a lot more than I was a year ago, it has all been indoors. I managed to get one outside short run in a few weeks back and was surprised at how good it felt, so I think that if I can just get a couple more in then I will do fine.

I have realized this week that when I workout on a pretty much empty stomach, I have much better workouts. They are easier and less painful. I have had a tweak in my ankle for a couple of months and always seem to have one leg that throbs, but when I'm hungry those things seem to go away. Strange, I know, but this will help me keep my eating down during the days since I run after work. I'm not quite sure how to work this into my Turkey Trot run since that is early in the morning, but hopefully if I just pace my eating the day before then I won't have any stomach issues. It is a short 3 miles, so it's not like it's something that I don't do on any other weekday, but I would like to get a better time than last year.

For now I am trying to save up my calories for Epcots Food and Wine Festival, Thanksgiving day, and then December, when I will be drinking starbucks and eggnog and eating cookies, creamy soups and all of the other holiday foods that make Christmas time what it is. I am also celebrating the fact that, after this week, I only have one full work week left for the rest of the year. I hope everyone else is as lucky and plans to enjoy the holidays with some much needed time off.

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