Friday, November 5, 2010

Knitting Projects

I have always had an extremely creative side to me, which is where my love of baking/cooking and blogging comes from. I have always loved to write and continue to do so, even separately from here. It is such a good outlet for me, as I get to let out my frustrations, anger, happiness and concerns in a productive way that is also a great way to reflect.

About a year ago I learned to knit. At lunch there is a lady that I work with who is always knitting things - scarves, gloves, shawls, etc. I wanted to pick it up as it's just something that really interests me. Crafts and making things in general is something I have long enjoyed and this has become a great hobby for me.

 Last year I knit a scarf for myself, and ended up making one for Adam also when we went up to NC to visit his family for the Holidays. His was grey to match whatever he would wear, and he patiently waited as I finished it up for him in NC. Scarves are simplest, but time consuming when they are made for someone who is so tall!
 I have made a few things that were a tiny bit challenging, and I think that I am getting a little better at working my way around the needles, but I definitely still need a lot of practice! I made this baby hat, but there are problems with it, in that I cant see it actually staying on a babies head. It isnt tight enough at the bottom and seems to be more like a circle, but it will still be a cute piece as a keepsake, or to have around the nursery. I also made these little booties, which were very challenging as the needles were so small! I got the hang of it more on the second one, so making more of these won't be a problem! Plus, I have tons of the sock yarn left and let's just say I don't think Ill be making adult sized socks anytime soon.

 I saw this Christmas yarn last year and loved it. This year I decided to knit scarves for presents that happen to be for two girls, so I knew that I wanted to use these colors. The pictures don't do them justice. The red is threaded with silver and the green with gold, and they are really pretty in person. I have leftover yarn that I am really contemplating using to make my own Christmas scarf! Although I already have one that I have yet to finish for everyday wear.

On a slightly different note, today we woke up to temperatures around 54 degrees! I was so excited to throw on a sweater and a jacket to head out to work. I wore this GAP cream ruffle lightweight sweater, from last winter, and put on a pair of Express Skinny Jeans. I got these jeans 3 years ago and really only fit into them for a little. I remember going to NYC one winter and trying to wear these, they were extremely tight and I only wore them because my coat/tops covered my muffin top! I tried them on in August and they were fitting again, a little snug though. Now I can sit without them cutting me off at all and they fit perfect. It is absolutely the best feeling! Especially because I have really worked for it, and it has paid off. I'm also wearing a pair of earrings from Express that I got while searching for a versatile pair to wear everyday. They are gold flowers with a sparkly center.

Tonight I am headed to my parents house, because they are having a dinner party and I'm going to play private chef for a little. I plan to make champagne risotto and maybe some chicken, unless my mom picks up some scallops. It should be fun and I really plan to enjoy this gorgeous weekend that we have ahead. Have fun and be safe!

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