Friday, December 18, 2009

26:45, Turkey Trot

This is just about a month old, but I just realized I never wrote about my Turkey Trot! I was really trying to get a good time for a short run, but it was a lot harder than I expected. It was decent weather, but I wasn't feeling it from the beginning. I was trailing behind Erin, but determined to make a good finish. I wanted Erin to pace me out so that I was running about an 8.5 minute mile, but I have never even attempted to run that speed. I was obviously dying at the end, I looked and felt like I had just run 3 marathons rather than 3 miles! But, I did it! I ran, what I consider, a really good time and was proud that I hung in there.

Running with Erin is interesting, because she gives me motivation to keep going, but by the end of this race I wasn't even interested in hearing her push me along. The whole last part of the race I looked ahead as she looked back at me, waving me to go faster and smiling. I was not smiling at all! I could barely breathe! I just kept going my pace until I saw the finish time, and knew I wanted to get in under 27 so I sprinted to the finish, where I was sure I would just collapse. Well, I didn't collapse but I don't think I could speak for a little bit.

Now it's Christmas and I will be just using the treadmill this week, so for the New Year I will be getting back into the groove and hopefully it will be the perfect weather. No more of this 80 degrees please!

(Sidenote to do with Christmas: Everyone walking into the building today is carrying Christmas gifts for co-workers, and I am getting nothing from my boss! Merry Christmas to you too, scrooge.)

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