Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Product Review: Rays Garage, Inc T-Shirts

Ray's Garage Inc is a fraudulent company and you will never see your money or your product. Have you ever searched online for the perfect t-shirt and once you found it, placed your order and anxiously awaited its arrival in the mail? The couple of days seem like weeks and you feel a sense of victory once that package has arrived.

Well, if you order from, don't expect to get your package in the mail. It is hard to tell sites that are completely legit from those that aren't these days. On the site they reference their facebook page, product reviews, etc while in reality, they delete all of the negative feedback, ignore emails and don't send you your purchased item. It's crazy how scummy and bored someone must be to constantly post fake reviews about how great this company is. I mean really, these people have are no value to society.

Adam ordered a Detroit Lions T-shirt at least 2 months ago and it never arrived. He emailed and emailed, only to receive no response and no reimbursement for his purchase. They obviously check their site/email because they are quick to take down the negative feedback he (and others) leave. While you only get their websites comments when you google search, I did find another very unhappy customer here.

So, if you were smart enough to google site reviews for Ray's Garage, Inc. before purchasing something, hopefully you stumbled upon this post and will go elsewhere for your t-shirt needs.


  1. Did you ever get your shirt? We bought a shirt and it has been 3 weeks.

  2. No, the shirt was never recieved. We had to put in a dispute with the bank (where the credit card was from) and they refunded the money and opened up a case.

  3. I also am waiting for a t-shirt that was ordered 12/16/10. No replies to my phone calls or e-mails. I also called my bank and disputed the claim and also filed a complaint with the Austin, Tx Better Business Bureau. I have ordered on-line plenty of times and never had a problem like I did with this company.

  4. Me, too. I'm still waiting for an order placed in mid November. I have sent numerous emails and left voice messages and finally a month ago got a response saying I'd receive it shortly, but it never arrived. Now I'm going to call my credit card company and file a complaint. I agree -- it seems this is a fraudulent company.

  5. Same here. NO t-shirt. I disputed the charge with credit card, filed a complaint with the BBB. So disappointing. I wanted my "Fear the Beard" t-shirt!