Sunday, November 28, 2010

Holiday Recovery

I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend! I am so full, I seriously feel like I ate a weeks worth of food each of the 4 days that I was off. I am definitely ready to get back to the gym and lower calorie count this week, my mom made some turkey soup that I'll be sipping for lunch and I plan to hit the gym each day. 

My Aunt/Uncle/Cousins came down for a few days which was really nice, because we haven't seen them in years and with all that's going on as we grow up it's just harder to get away. Adam also came down Wednesday-Sunday which is the longest we've consecutively spent together in a long time!
I was really excited that Adam's knee was healed this year so that he could run the Turkey Trot with Erin and me. Turkey morning we were up and on our way to meet Erin by 7:30. I was shooting to beat my time from last year, which was around 27 minutes. It's a 5k and I have been much more frequently active this year, so I knew that I had the ability to surpass that time; it was just a matter of how I would be feeling that day. Erin paced us out and I am happy to report that we finished in a swift 26:45! I honestly thought that I would faint when we hit the 2nd mile, I haven't trained outside and it was early, but I was able to keep up as was Adam. It was a great accomplishment to have together and I was very proud when I finished.
So then I ate and ate and ate all weekend :) My mom used her new Spode Christmas setting, which I am set to inherit down the road. I love these plates and glasses and currently have the bathroom towel set, so I will be excited when I have these and can entertain with them.

We had tons and tons of food and it was all delicious as usual. We didn't do as much snacking as usual during the day, so I was actually hungry for dinner. The rest of the weekend we went bowling, did some black friday shopping and ate even more. It was such a nice relaxing weekend, and while I'm sad that it's ending, I do need some structure before I gain 25 pounds!
I cannot put into the words the feeling of excitement that I had when I saw these beauties in the Walgreens candy bin. Jujys are absolutely my favorite candy, and Christmas is my favorite time of year. I basically heard angels sing when I got my eyes on these! I picked up a few boxes and one went to Gainesville so that I don't devour them all this week.

We did a lot of decorating this weekend. We got the trees up at Kelly and my parents house and I also helped out with putting up the lights outside. Next weekend Ill head up to Adams to decorate there and bake up some Christmas treats. I'm going to make chocolate covered pretzels and hot chocolate on a stick, and then next week I will make some mini donuts. I'm hoping that they'll turn out soft even though they are a cake recipe.

I am up for Jury duty this Thursday, but if I don't have to go in then this will be my final full week of work until the new year. I'm ready to tackle it, finish up my shopping with Cyber Monday and enjoy the best time of the year!

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