Sunday, October 17, 2010

Outfits of the Weekend

The weather here has gotten back to the mid 80's and warm. The nights have been cooler, but days warm. On Friday we were lucky enough to have another 'drop' to a high of 80 for the day and in the 60s at night. It was such a nice break! We ate dinner outside on Friday and it was chilly enough to need a sweater, which is just the weather that I like.

On Friday I wore my new GAP sweater vest to work, with my GAP distressed skinny jeans, black Guess heels and my GAP scarf.
On Saturday a group of us went out to celebrate Kelly's 31st Birthday. It was an excuse for me to wear my new Express sequins shirt (which reminds me of Carla and makes me wonder if she has worn hers yet??) and also my new nude heels, which are Colin Stuart. I am still working on breaking them in, but I think that they will be very versatile and easy to match. My bangle is a Coach, leopard print, white and gold. I found it at an outlet store a year or so back and got it for christmas. It was a steal for $50 since I wear it all the time.
I am ready to start pulling out some cooler clothes, so hopefully the temperature drop keeps on going as we head into november!

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