Monday, October 11, 2010

Amway Center Opening Magic Game

This year Orlando got a new arena, and I was so excited that I got to go to the very first Magic game played there on 10/10/10! There were a few viewings of it in the weeks before it opened, but I didn't step inside until the night of the game. It is clean, extremely large and filled with lots of interesting things to see. It is worth seeing once, even if you have no desire to attend the events.
There are escalators to take up to the higher levels, which is new for us here in Orlando. They have plenty of artwork and history nooks within the different levels.
I love how open it is to the outside. The views are really pretty and overlook downtown, the Citrus Bowl, and even the old arena.
 Even the highest seats aren't bad! We sat in the upper bowl, row 4 and could see just as well as any other game we have gone to. The Jumbotron is great because it can show so many different things, as there are multiple screens to it. We got there early enough to see all of the practices.
 Here you can see the Citrus Bowl and Downtown Orlando. It was a small little nook outside for viewing and noone else was even out there.
I wanted to wait in Rashard's locker for him! :) I think that these are from the last stadium or just replicas, but they had Rashard and Dwight's lockers out for picture taking. I fit in there nice and snug. I also love the new beer cups and how they have the magic logo on them.

There was a lot of new food and even refillable sodas and popcorn. Those would be the best deals to get. There were pigs in a blanket that are on my 'to try' list, and also mac n cheese and other noodle dishes. I am kind of sad that they did away with the good pretzel stand, but they do still have the Victory Pretzel!

This is from the playoff games last season
The Magic played the Hornets for the preseason game and crushed them by 54 points. Many people left around half time, but we stayed the whole time and will always be able to remember the first game the Magic played at their new home.

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