Monday, October 11, 2010

Oktoberfest 2010

On Saturday Adam, Meaghy and I headed to the neighborhood next door to check out their Oktoberfest Celebration. It was a warm 85 degrees out, but I knew that it would be cooling off, so I wore a raceback striped top from Anthroplogie, with my distressed GAP skinny jeans, bronze GAP city flats, and brought my GAP shawl cardigan along for in case it got chilly out. My owl necklace is from Forever 21 about 2 fall's ago, although they still have a lot of them in stock now.

 The detailing on the top is part of why I like it so much, it has cute faux buttons and a little scrunch to the top of it.
I was excited to see that they had traditional German food, in addition to lots of restaurant stands as well as vendors and live entertainment. By the time 5:00 rolled around, the weather was gorgeous and there wasn't a cloud in sight.
We got a couple of beers(don't you love the little boot beers?!) and walked around to see what everyone had to offer. I got roped into a Church when I decided that I wanted to try some 'free' hot cider. I should have known it wasn't free of questions, but luckily they simply asked if I knew about the church and let me go on my merry way.

My first food of choice was a German Soft Pretzel with a German beer. The lines weren't long and it was exactly what I was looking for, for my first round of eating.

We headed around to the second half of the vendors and stopped at a BBQ place that smelled incredible. They had a 'BBQ hotdog' that seemed intriguing, so Meaghy went ahead and ordered one. Come to find out, it is just a regular ol' hotdog with some beans on it - not her style! So she skipped and decided to go for a Cheesesteak instead, which Adam helped devour. We went into a restuarant called Brianto's for it, and they really do have amazing Cheesesteaks that are completely drool-worthy.

Since I was craving the German food, I went back to try a Braut with saukraut and some German Potato Salad. The Braut was exactly what I was looking for, and I enjoyed the saurkraut which is not something that I would noramlly eat. I was feeling adventorous (and now I want another)! The potato salad was quite a letdown though, I was expecting something warm and creamy but this was cold and pretty sour. Still, I of course ate most of it :)

There were plenty of German songs (including Meaghy's favorite: In Heaven there is no beer; that's why we drink it here) that were accompanied by German dancing, men with fluffy feathers in their cap, and even a crazy german shot that we took part in. To end our evening we watched some German men cutting a log while also dancing in a circle. They didn't seem to be getting too far, but it was pretty entertaining. I also got some zeppoles on the way out and remembered why God made oil, dough and powdered sugar.

I tallied my calories for the day and came out at a cool 1500something. Not bad at all for indulging in all that I wanted to! Although I am definitely back at the dieting today. I begin my yoga night classes this week so plan to be busy Monday and Wednesdays until 8pm, I hope I can stick to it!

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