Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Motivation Strikes Again!

There are days where I feel completely happy with myself and some days where I just feel unhappy with myself. Today is the latter of the two. This picture is from a little over 3 years ago. My stomach looks nothing like that now, and I really want it to. I continue to try hard, although I know that I could always be eating better. It is hard when you work all day at a desk with no movement and a kitchen full of junk only a few steps away. I have been doing better, but I always seemed to eat less when I didn't work.

I follow a lot of blogs, about food, fashion, dieting, working out, etc and sometimes those people's posts can really get to me. When I see all of the skinny people that I follow, I can get in a serious depression. In reality, I could never be stick skinny because that is just not how I'm built, but I still long for it! I hate how life catches up to you and before you know it you are gaining pounds per year and your metabolism is slowing, and only then do you notice how thin you actually used to be. Seriously, I'm only 26 and this has happened to me.

I know that I am not 'fat' and that I should just continue to make better eating choices and working out and try my hardest, but I wish that it could just be easy for me! Can I just blame my height? I'm too short! Or my job? I don't move at all! I know that I really can't, but I just want this to be easier than it is. Really, I just needed to rant here, but I hope that this burst of motivation can carry me through the Holidays!

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