Thursday, September 9, 2010

One-Meal Planning

Since I have really been in the mood to start cooking during the week again, I decided that once a week I am going to make dinner for myself and Kelly. Hopefully she can hold out until 7:30 or so though! I want to make things that I can prep ahead of time and won't take all night, because frankly I just don't have all night by the time I am home from the gym.

I have a lot of ideas and recipes built up (including butternut squash macaroni and cheese, broccoli cheddar soup, stuffed peppers, pad thai, pumpkin rolls, etc etc.) but I think that my first dish will be stuffed chicken breasts. I am imagining brie and caramelized onion inside, with some sort of all day marinade on the chicken itself. I think I will do a roasted side, potato or veggie, so Ill see what stands out at the store. I am excited to use fall produce and change up from the summer foods.

Speaking of fall, I am officially back on track with my workouts and have upped my 'early' nights from 25 minutes of running to 40 minutes, before my Next Level class. Hopefully this will help me battle the buldge in the new season! I am completely ready for cool weather and fall decorations! I heard somewhere that it may be another cool winter, I just wish it would come earlier than february! I have also been concerned about the lack of shirt I have to wear with my leggings, so at target the other day I picked up a Drapey T in dark purple. It is loose and pretty long, but most of all comfortable and that's the real reason for leggings in the first place!

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