Thursday, September 16, 2010

GAP Sale+Groupon = Happy Me!

I am in the habit of checking everyday or every other day, for sales and deals. I used to dislike the store, but it has definitely grown on me and I buy a lot of my clothes from there now. I bought the groupon back in August, so I've had $50 to spend that I knew would get me a long way during a sale.

Today I logged on and saw a 50% off sale going on, in-stores and online. During my lunch I headed over to see what steals I could find and I really made out well! I am excited about my new purchases and the fact that I saved so much. Online all of these items are more expensive.

My total came to $85, in-store. Online, I would have spent $138. At full price my total would be $200. With my groupon I only spent $35, so I really did well.

I have been interested in the whole boyfriend/relaxed fit jeans, but didn't want to spend the money on buying a pair. Then I found these. They are the straightleg destructed jeans that just happened to be on final sale for $15. They only had them in a size 8, which is a bit too big but I like that it gives them a more 'boyfriend fit' feel. I think that they are a nice addition to my jeans collection, and just a deal that I couldn't pass up! Online they are $25, originally $70.

For the past year or so I have been addicted to all of the GAP camis/tanks. They seem to come out with a new version each season, so I got this black 'lace trimmed cami' for $10. Online it is $20, and not even on sale. It does need to be layered, but I have plenty of others to throw on underneath of it.

I usually wouldn't be into a sweater vest, but I found this one appealing for whatever reason. It makes for a different kind of outfit and I really enjoyed it. I got a medium and it is a bit big, but I don't necessarily think that's a bad thing. I got this for $24. Online it is still full price at $40.

I feel like I always have trouble when it is chilly out because all I have is casual hoodies and heavier coats for when I'm NYC bound. I was surprised to see this shawl cardigan on sale, because I feel like it just came out online not too long ago. It is lightweight and very comfortable, and since I bought it in the oatmeal color I feel that it will be highly versatile. I can totally see myself spilling hot sauce on this the first time I wear it, so I should probably keep it away from food and liquids!! I got it for $27. Online it is $40 and it was originally $50.

Lastly I wandered into the GAP Body section of the store. They have their whole new workout line out so I think they are trying to get rid of other things. I didn't find anything too appealing, but I did pick up a 'lightweight cami' in light heather grey for $9; $13 online and originially $20. It is super soft and will go well under a lot of things, even though I think it is meant as lounge wear.

So, that was my day of shopping! I am pleased with my finds and happy to add them all into my closet.

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