Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fall Wardrobe

I have been a bit concerned about my shoes for fall, so when I was in Target the other day I picked up a pair of these Odell Sequin flats. For $12 they are a steal, and I love the sequins on them! I like that I will be able to dress up a pair of jeans or leggings without throwing on heels, but I also think that they will go great with another style I think I'd like to try:
Shorts with tights :) You are either giggling, cringing or smiling because I think that this is probably a love/hate kind of relationship, but I think that I am loving it! I especially like this pair and am going to go try them on today during my mall trip. Since it doesn't get very cold here until January, I figure this will allow me to look like it's cool out, without it really needing to be.

I am also feeling the lace that is in style, but I think that since it is always so form fitting, it may not be my best option. Either way, I am definitely ready to pull out some of my new things starting this weekend, when it's finally OCTOBER!!

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