Thursday, August 19, 2010

Have you joined the leggings craze?!

It seems like leggings are everywhere already, for the upcoming weather change (well, in most places anyway). Last year when they were full force on the scene, I never even gave them a second glance because I figured I did not have the body type to pull these off. I pictured sausages stuffed in the too tight casing that looks like it will explode at any second.

The past few weeks I have noticed them more and really found them cute and casual/comfy. I was looking at a few leggings outfits yesterday and decided that I should probably try these out this year, because I may be really missing out on something great! When Kelly told me that she had also been thinking about them, I confirmed to myself that I need to give these a go. I mean, I bought a pair of skinny jeans so this can't be any worse! Although, honestly, I can just see myself wearing these and having Erin in hysterics laughing at how I should not be wearing them (leggings and skinnies), so first I need to get over my fear of that!

Today I headed over to Express with my coupon in hand and bought 2 pairs, one in navy and one in grey. If I like them then I will buy a pair of black from Gap. With a pair of sandals/flats and a cute top I think that I can pull this off. And if I don't, I will probably just be too comfortable to care! I really do wonder though, did they make these trends only for skinny people? I have seen average and larger size bodies embracing the skinny pants trends, and some can really pull it off.

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  1. I laughed at this before i even got to the part about me laughing!