Monday, August 23, 2010

Birthdays Make Dieting Hard!

It's no secret that weekends are the hardest time for me to stay within my calorie 'budget,' so with August being filled with vacations, my birthday and other activities, I feel like I am really fighting an uphill battle! I also have a problem with salt....I just love it! And when I go out to eat all of that food is already filled with sodium.

As of last Friday I had gotten all of the sodium from kobe and steak umms out of me and was back down to my most recent weight. I have not lost anything in August, but I have also been lucky enough (so far) to gain much. I find my bodies need to sweat to be a blessing and a curse. I am happy to sweat because it really gets the salt and toxins out quickly, but when I'm trying to look nice and be comfortable the last thing I want is to sweat after 30 seconds of being out of the a/c! It really is sick how much I can sweat and I don't wish it upon anyone else. I have only been able to workout 2-3 times a week this month, so when I tallied up my calories from friday-sunday I was as depressed as they come. I ranged between 1,600 and 2,000! I try to stay at about 1,200 a day, so I am over quite a bit. I probably shouldn't have gotten that hot dog at 7-11, shouldn't have eaten almost half of a cheese plate myself, shouldn't have gotten more food at Buffalos......there are a lot of things that I am reflecting on and seeing that I could have made some much better choices.

Since my birthday is tomorrow, I will have a morning of donuts, lunch out and then this weekend Adam and I have a birthday dinner planned followed by 3 days in Tampa. Where we will attend ballgames and I will eat stadium food. Pretzels. Nacho Cheese. Hot Dogs. Large Beers. I have planned out my food this week to be below my normal intake, so that I can try to not blow up 5 pounds by this time next week. I think that being on the beach all day will make it so we really only eat most of the food at night, so I should be able to splurge, but I must remember to keep my calories in mind. I cannot forget about the big picture here.

So far my 26th Birthday is going well, and I am welcoming the next year with open arms! After labor day I'll be back at my normal routine and ready for pumpkin season!

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