Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Embarking On Another Year

I am 26 today! For some reason, 26 just feels like a good number, like I have a lot to look forward to. I had a pretty normal workday (although it was a pretty good food day - pei wei and munchkins and starbucks) and was getting kind of bummed out about Adam not being in town to celebrate or anything. We are celebrating this weekend, but on your actual day it is always nice to have everyone you love around.

I even made it to the gym after work, on my birthday, for the first time in my life! I had a great run which felt nice, because lately I have really just been hating the treadmill and having a hard time staying on. I then ventured to my parent's house for dinner, presents and one of my all time favorite activities: watching home movies! For as long as I can remember, I have just loved to watch when we were all little and being fun, goofy and carefree. And it was nice to have everyone join in on it! My mom and sisters made an amazing dinner too: beer can chicken (which I thought turned out really good, very moist and flavorful), asparagus, jalapeno poppers and redskin chunky mashed potatoes. It was perfect and since mashed potatoes are on of my all time favorite sides, it was nice to have them again. They all did a perfect job! Then we had sundaes to top it off.

Presents were simply the icing on the cake. I was happy to receive a new workout outfit, because I just can never find it in me to spend money on those things for me, and I am in desperate need! Now I can add some variety in. I think my next purchase is running shoes though!
I also got a pair of GAP City Flats that I hear are a must have shoe, but I will have to return for a size up.

Kelly got me a really great looking baking book filled with tons of delicious creations, I cant wait to go through and bookmark everything that I must make!

It wouldnt be my birthday without a few pink kitchen items either, so I got a mini whisk and chip clips that double as magnets.

I have really been wanting an everyday pendant to wear that is good quality and simple. I found one at Tiffanys but didn't expect to get it. I was very pleasantly surprised to receive this from my parents, it is very pretty and something I can get a lot of use out of.

I really had a great night and couldn't think of a better way to spend it, I hope that everyone else feels as great on their special day!

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