Thursday, August 12, 2010

Avoiding Steps Back

This month brings a lot of outings for me, which is fun yet makes me nervous. See, I have not really mastered the whole 'eat less when you don't workout' concept yet. I got lucky while we were in CT because we only ate out for one meal, and I usually skipped lunch and substituted with a snack, when Im not at work it's easy for me to do that. I was happy that I got a run in for one day, but I missed a long workout day that week.

This week I am left missing 2 days, and I feel like Monday and Tuesday I was just not doing well with my eating. I feel hungry and unmotivated! So I am going to force in a Saturday workout before a relaxing day at the pool. The only thing keeping me going now is that fact that in 8 days I have to fit into my birthday dress. Not that its so skin tight, but it is fitted and my top is larger than my bottom, so zipping high up is kind of a challenge already.

I know that eating right will always be a struggle, but I am determined to not fall behind, as I have every other time. I always lose and then slack and I gain some; but not this time. I need to learn to keep the balance of calories eaten and calories burned, and continue to make the right choices.

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