Thursday, July 8, 2010

Reflecting on the Fourth of July!

It is hard to believe that we are a week into July, this year is really just flying for me. I can't complain, because August is going to be a fun month and I honestly am so ready for the fall! I am already thinking up Halloween costume and party ideas, dreaming of the cool breezes and baking yummy snacks and crockpotting soups for a night curled up on the couch. Although fall doesn't hit here until about November.....I think I would welcome a move to a few states north of Florida just to get a little bit of the seasons in.

On Tuesday when I came back to reality, and work, I had to reflect upon the weekend of the fourth of July, food wise of course! I knew I would be eating some rough stuff, but got a surprise when Adam decided to stay an extra day and I ate crap on Monday also. I am happy to say that I did not gain any weight from this, but I still feel bad for eating how I did. Even though I didnt gain, it didnt really bring me any closer to losing, as I ate about 2,000 extra calories. Almost a pound!

On Friday we tried a wine bar in Avalon and it became my new favorite close to home place! We had wine, some amazing stuffed mushrooms and a rosemary chicken flatbread. It was nice to just enjoy some drinks and chat. Then we headed for Ale house for some more appetizers and soup. I proceeded to drink more than usual (think vodka shots) and ended up a little out of sorts.

Saturday we were up bright and early so I could pack up the cooler for Typhoon Lagoon! I wanted to get there before the lines formed, so at 8 we headed to panera for bagels and then we were off. We were able to hit all of the slides with a wait time of less than 5 minutes for each and let me tell you, when there's no wait, those stairs are high and there are a lot of them! My legs definitely got a good workout from doing just that the whole morning. I packed us sandwiches and chips to eat, and diet sprite/vodkas for drinking fun. It was a really nice way to spend part of the day and our first waterpark experience together. Later on we went with Meaghy to the bistro in Avalon again, because I needed more mushrooms (mentally needed, in no way did my body actually need those calories). I got a turkey and brie panini too, and Meaghy got a slice of cake that I had to taste. It was such a big, pretty slice and I was quite impressed with the flavor!

Sunday was the fourth! We planned on having a fun evening, so we literally sat around the house until 3:00. We made a homemade white pizza with peppers, mushroom, tomato and onion for lunch. Well, I chopped and Adam assembled. He always makes the best pizzas! We headed to my parents for soem bahama mamas at 4 and then headed to the fireworks/festival at 5. It started raining so we decided to wait it out in the car, since we had a deck of cards and a cooler full of beer, sweet tea vodka and lemonade. Once the rain let up, we looked around for food and ate some sweet corn cakes and zeppoles (my new july 4th must have). I was disappointed to see no chesseteak stand, so after the sparkles left the sky, we went to the restaurant to get 2 cheesesteaks, which was of course completely unnecessary. We got home and I ate half while Adam passed out in his plate!

Monday we finished up the sandwiches and pizza for breakfast/lunch and I had to try the leftovers from my parent's party, so I made us head over and gobbled up some bread, salads, pulled pork and desserts. About 5 hours later we headed for dinner at Fridays, and instead of getting the lowfat option, I had to try their new caribbean menu, and a long island!

So, I had a busy weekend of eating and my body is feeling it, although I have been doing well this week in regards to working out and staying within my calorie range. I head up to Gainesville tomorrow and aam ready for a saturday morning bagel and some fresh fish and veggies!

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